Let’s say truth Ndi Abia

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Under Okezie Victor Ikpeazu a.k.a Mr Sabi d work as his royal choristers and sycophants called him administration is Abia moving in the right direction.

T.A Orji was imposed on Abians and spent 8years claiming Ochando and Abians survived the heat.

Like play play another person from the circle who was an errand boy to the governor’s son was also imposed on Abians, yet Abians were silent thinking that this one is coming from the street, He will understand the pain, hardship and bad governance of the previous governments .But it seems Abia is worse under him.

Surprisingly they are planning to impose another stooge on Abians, if not careful another boaster from the circle. Ndi Abia is not late to take our state from these political bandits.

Abia State belongs to the people and not these hooligans.

2023 is approaching -say no to “Ndi Audio Projects And Fake Promises”

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