And Nigerians Asked, Are Abians Cowards?

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By. Ferdinand Ekeoma
During the discussion of the EFCC Investigation of the  alleged financial crimes committed by Chief T.A. Orji and sons this morning on TV Continental in Lagos, one of the anchor men expressed shock that up till this moment, Abians have not staged a protest over the shocking revelations, at least to call on the accused to step aside, especially when the accused have kept sealed lips.
In fact one of the guests at the program, and the former NBA Vice President, Barr. Monday Ubani who happens to be an Abian, reminded them that the Abia looters had since succeeded in subduing Abians, starting from 1999.
He disclosed that the looters have the penchantfor violence and intimidation of the citizens, hence the fear of  many citizens to speak out.
He made it clear that they didn’t just deal with Abians physically, but that they also dealt with them spiritually.
To the shock of the anchor men, he told them that all the news papers that carried the report of the alleged financial crimes were completelymopped up at news stands, and that radio stations in Abia could not even discuss the topic.
You could see that Abians are being viewed as cowards, who are both docile and unserious.
This is not the first time a former governor would be investigated, but the Abia case is considered a national scandal of immense proportion, because of the magnitude of  what was allegedly plundered and the reckless audacity exhibited in the thievery.
As much as we are presently looked down in the comity of states of the federation, yet there are still men and women of Abia who are determined to change this sad narrative, as anything short of arresting the monstrous system would lead to the creation of a 21st century fiefdom of slavery in Abia, which could impact very negatively on every Abian, directly or indirectly.
The consciousness of every right thinking Abian should be awakened at this critical moment, to realise that nothing breeds insecurity and terror more than bad leadership, and no bad leadership is worse than the alleged senseless plundering tha took place during the tenure of Chief T.A. Orji.
Today, many political leaders in the North East are permanently trapped in Abuja, away from their beautiful mansions back home, because they are running away from Boko Haram onslaughts. When they created or carelessly allowed the Boko Haram monster to breed, they didn’t imagine that it could grow to a point beyond their control.
Some years ago, kidnappers unleashed unimaginable mayhem on Abia state, forcing many Abia residents to flee the state. It was nightmarish for everyone; the big, the small, the rich and the poor all bore the brunt.
People hid their flashy cars at home and preferred to trek to avoid being kidnapped, yet many still lost their lives and businesses, either as targets, or as accidental victims.
Demanding that EFCC speeds up  investigation,that those who allegedly looted our money be brought to justice, that our money be returned for the development of Abia and payment of our dying pensioners, and that the Speaker steps aside for a hitch-free Investigation and uninterrupted running of the legislative house are all legitimate demands being made by Abians.
The issue at hand should not be politicized, but whoever chooses to do so can go ahead, as long as Abians  are pursuing a just cause, they are destined to triumph.
The alleged financial crimes are not just atrocious and evil, they are provocative and insulting, and should not be condoned by any sane person in this 21st century.
Our ultimate and collective interest should be the return of our money, and after that, every one can go back to his or her political tent.
Playing neutral or keeping silent in the face of oppression and injustice, doesn’t just make one a coward, but also a co-conspirator or a traitor.
Remember that the peaceful rally  being organised by Coalition of Abians Against Corruption is cheduled to hold as follows:
Abuja -Wednesday, 19th February, 2020.
Venue: From Unity Fountain, to National Assembly, and finally to EFCÇ office.
Time of Commencement: 8Am
Umuhia- Wednesday, 19th February, 2020
Venue: From Okpara Square, to Government House Gate and finally, to Abia House of Assembly.
Time of Commencement: 8am
The Choice to break away from political slavery or perpetually accept it, is ours.

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